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Yesterday afternoon as I was heading home I stepped into the corner grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. I was in the dairy section reaching way back into the refrigerator to grab the freshest milk. I mean, we all know they put the stuff that is due to expire soon in the front right?

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young man come down the aisle but I thought nothing of him.  I finally had my hand on a carton of milk that was not due to expire for weeks when WHAM!  The glass door of the refrigerator was shoved harshly into my back and I stumbled further into the refrigerator against the shelving and cut my arm.

Guess I don’t have to tell you who the culprit was.  He strolled past me as if nothing had happened.  But it had.  And I was incensed.  Not a good thing for me to feel, but it forewarned of worse things for the stranger.  Not thinking, I leaped after the stranger and my hand snagged and grasped the back of the collar of his tee-shirt.  Caught by surprise, he gave a strangled gurgle when his tee-shirt dug into his neck as I yanked him toward me.  Why did I do that?  I don’t know.  My brain was on automatic and something inside me said, “Not today buddy!”

He was taller than I and his muscle ton was well-defined by his tee-shirt.  If he had chosen to swing at me, even blindly, since I was behind him, I probably would have slid down the glass doors like the birds in the Windex commercials.

He started to curse and squirm so I let him go and stepped in front of him.  A Finger wagging lecture at the ready, I noticed his eyes go wide as if he was afraid.  Mentally I’m telling myself.  “Yeah I showed him!  He should be afraid!”  That feeling of overcoming the bully lasted a few seconds.  By then, one of the store owners stood beside me; in his hand was a wooden bat.  That was what caused my assailant’s alarm.  The store owner had seen the whole incident from the mirrors placed in the corners of the ceiling in the store and had come to my “rescue”.

Though big in size, it turns out the stranger was only sixteen.  I asked him way he had done that to me.  His explanation?  You’re going to love this…  He thought I was old.  He saw the white hair from behind and thought I was a senior citizen.   There were so many things wrong with the whole situation, but the most glaring to me was not that he had shoved a person or even a woman into a refrigerator.  No the most unsettling issue was that he thought it was okay to shove an elderly woman into a refrigerator.  Even his apology started off with “I thought you were way older….”

What the heck are we teaching our children?  This is tomorrows future?  What a scary thought!

Now I have an errand boy for the next 6 months.  He had a choice, either do my bidding for six months or I call the police and he gets arrested for assault.  He may not know anything about respect but he will by the time I get finished with him!

Any suggestions?

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Love – Better Off Without It

Please tell me it’s the baby.

A pregnant woman

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Jake struggled to keep his hazel eyes open as he slid the key into the lock. With the baby coming, he needed the overtime, but it was taking its toll on his health and his marriage. Exhaustion left him slumped against the door jamb until the front door finally swung open. He stepped over the threshold with a deep sigh. Home at last.

The living room was dark and empty. Jake was more than pleased. Lately he and his wife, Becky, constantly argued. He didn’t have the energy to withstand one of her tirades that night. He was feeling for the light switch, near the front door, when a large heavy object hit Jake full in the chest. His breath escaped him in a whoosh as the momentum of whatever hurled at him wrenched him back outside through the open doorway. At the edge of the porch, he teetered precariously, and then toppled backward to land in the front yard.

As he lay on the ground and tried to collect his bearings, Becky’s voice, strident as a foghorn, yelled out to him. “You want her so much, take your crap and go stay with her.” She punctuated her cry with the crash of the flat screen TV from his study.

“If she’s going to crawl into your boxers,” his wife shrieked, “she can damn well wash them!” The splintering of Jake’s laptop ended the sentence.

The thuds of his belongings as they landed on the lawn, began to form a rhythmic pattern. Through it all, Jake remained flat on his back.

Jake wearily regarded the stars above him. He implored the twinkling mass to give him the strength not to choke the living daylights out of his wife. He chanted repeatedly, “Becky’s pregnant. Beck’s pregnant.” The chant did nothing to assuage the overwhelming desire to make Becky a nice pair of cement shoes and drop her in the nearest ocean.

Countdown, A personalized Mystery

Countdown, A personalized Mystery

A few of Jake’s golf clubs sailed past him. One missed his head by mere inches.

‘Love,’ he thought, ‘I think I was better off without it.’

This is dedicated to DJ. Keep fighting the good fight. I love you man!

Countdown, A Personalized Mystery Novelette


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