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Bella Czar: A Never Ending Horizon

Bella Czar: A Never Ending Horizon

It seems like only yesterday that I interviewed Bella Lamora and Czar Dain of Bella Czar at their studio in Sacramento, California.  While there, I not only had an opportunity to gain great insight into the recording artists of Bella Czar; I also became good friends with two special people who have left an indelible impression on the way I now view my life and the people within it.

This past June, Bella, Czar and I had a chance to speak in person once again in Manhattan, NY.  The conversation from that meeting will be presented in a separate post later this week.  I was ecstatic to have two of my favorite people literally in my  backyard.  Bella and Czar informed me that Bella Czar Productions started doing professional voice-overs late last year.   I listened to The Secrets of Paradise Bay, written by Devon Vaughn Archer, which featured two new voice talents that have joined Bella Czar Productions, Destiny Landon and Lee James.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book which was well written and very juicy!  Destiny Landon and Lee James, along with Czar Dain, who provided all the background sounds and music, brought the novel to life in a way I had not heard an audio book presented before.  The Secrets of Paradise Bay had the polished robustness of an old radio drama.

Destiny Landon, Voice Talent for Bella Czar Productions

Destiny Landon

It was also a pleasure to meet Destiny Landon and Lee James.  While both are new faces…or should I say voices…at Bella Czar Productions, the two are no strangers to the world of voices overs.  Both have been veterans in the field for a decade or more and boast an impressive repertoire that includes audio books, commercials, videos, infomercials, music and more.

Lee James, Voice Talent for Bella Czar Productions

Lee James

When I met Bella and Czar in Manhattan, I also conversed in-depth with Destiny and Lee.  You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss the discussion.  Some of the topics and answers to my questions will surprise you about the group.

For now, I can say with certainty that Bella Czar or Bella Czar Productions has an uncanny ability to stand out as unique in a crowded field.  I highly recommend that you treat yourself or a friend to the audio book, The Secret of Paradise Bay.  My schedule has been so busy of late and I have been unable to listen to Killing With The Edge Of The Moon written by A. A. Attanasio and Tears Of A Vampire written by Lorraine Kennedy, which also features the voices of Bella Lamora, Destiny Landon and Lee James.  Maybe you can listen and tell me what you think?  As always I love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

To hear samples of some audio books featuring Destiny Landon and Lee James follow this link.

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Raindrops by Bella Czar

Raindrops by Bella Czar

Close your eyes.  Breathe.  Listen.  Raindrops…tears…pain.  The anguish and confusion echo through the chambers of your heart.  Bella Lamora’s mesmerizing voice, filled with agony and uncertainty pleads for an answer to an age-old question, “Where did we go wrong.”

The recording artists, Bella Czar are far from the first to sing of love gone wrong, but the haunting lyrics and music of their latest release, Raindrops, from their CD titled, Don’t Forget, will leave those of you caught up in a less than perfect relationship, pondering the outcome.

I find Bella Czar’s debut CD, Don’t Forget to be full of surprises, but Raindrops was a little gem.  I felt a little voyeuristic as I listened over and over to Bella Lamora belt out the torture laden lyrics of a love in its death throes.  Having been in that situation more than once, sad to say, I could relate to the suffering.  I became Bella with Czar Dain’s composed melody making it all the more poignant.

Bella Czar

If you haven’t heard the songs from the CD, Don’t Forget, you really should.  Bella Czar’s lyrics strike a chord in the world as we know it and in the lives that we lead.  Their CD, Don’t Forget is also number one on the San Francisco Indie Charts.


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