I Killed A Secret Agent On Mother’s Day

22 Jun

It was my best Mother’s Day Gift ever!

Personalized Mystery

Personalized Mystery Novelette

I felt the tip of the cold steel barrel press against the back of my neck. Funny, after being terrified for days of this very moment, it was finally here and I felt nothing. I was an empty shell…hollow. One thought echoed through my mind, “Go ahead. Get it over.”

I stood up straight and slowly turned to face him. The barrel of the gun pressed deeper into my neck. The slightly roughened edge scraped along my skin as I moved. Finally, we faced each other. His soulless black eyes were roiling pits of anger. Still, he instilled no fear in me as his thin lips drew back cruelly and exposed his large white teeth.

I realized; he no longer had any power over me. It didn’t matter that he was three times bigger than me. It didn’t matter that he held a gun at my throat. We stood as equals.

I felt his hand tighten around the barrel of the gun. This was my last chance. My only chance. Having been so docile, so resigned, he was not expecting the quick movement of my hand as I rammed my open palm into his bulbous nose. I heard a quick crack and knew I had broken it. The gun relaxed against my throat as my would be assassin bent forward and emitted an angry growl laced with pain. Blood sprang from his nose and splashed the wooden planked floor.

He was still bent forward as I grasped the back of his head and with quick hard force, shoved his forehead down to meet my rapidly rising knee. The motion happened so fast; my adversary had no time to counteract. This agent, who had helped to kidnap my family; this bully, who had terrorized me for a week, dropped to his knees in front of me…helpless. His hand still clutched the gun but it no longer pointed at me. The barrel aimed toward the ceiling as both of his meaty paws clutched as his head. I moved back and slightly to the side of him. My action going unnoticed as he tried to collect himself. I raised my foot and kicked the lower right side of his jaw with all the force I could gather. The agent’s head snapped sideways. Another crack resounded through the room, loud and final, like a period at the end of a long heavy sentence.

The agent swayed slightly on his knees before his considerable bulk crumpled to the cabin floor. I felt no triumph at having killed my would-be killer. No satisfaction. Only more emptiness.

An hour after I had killed the agent, I sat down to enjoy a lovely dinner of medium rare lamb chops, crispy potatoes and asparagus. A delicious wine I had been given for Mother’s Day accompanied my dinner. I ate voraciously, savoring every morsel. I guess being the star of your very own personalized novelette works up a huge appetite. It was the best Mother’s Day gift I’d ever received.

I wonder which personalized novelette I’ll choose next? Honey, do we have any more cake left?  They make it personal, you make it unique.

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